Wabasha County Human Services Advisory Committee


The Human Services Advisory Committee meets to advise, review and make recommendations to the Human Services Board on matters relating to the development, maintenance and evaluation of Public Health and Social Services programs in Wabasha County.   Members of the Advisory Committee share their gift of service to our mission by providing our organization with professional expertise; diverse knowledge of constituent perspectives; connections to local, national or international resources, colleagues or peers; and other forms of needed assistance. 

Reasons for Serving:

  • It provides a means for involving people who are willing to give assistance, but have limited time.
  • It provides a way to keep supporters connected to our organization and mission.
  • It creates a direct link to important professional and technical expertise.
  • It energizes committee members as ambassadors for the organization in our community.


  • One-third of committee members shall be representatives of persons receiving County services.
  • Up to one-third may be providers or employees of providers who provide services in the County.
  • The remaining membership shall represent citizens of the County.


  • Members must be available to meet up to four times per year and be able to actively participate in plan development, implementation and the operational review of human service programs.
  • Members must be willing to stay informed about service plans, activities and the needs of both the County and the organization.
  • Members must be willing to make formal recommendations to the Human Services Board.
  • Members of the Human Services Advisory Committee are not paid, but are eligible for a per diem for meetings attended. 
  • Participation in the Human Services Advisory Committee is a public, voluntary service and is at the discretion of the Wabasha County Human Service Board.

Application Form