County Extension Committee (CEC)

The AMC Extension Committee is a special committee established by the AMC Board of Directors.


  • Strengthen the partnership between county government and University of Minnesota Extension.
  • Provide a commissioner’s perspective on Extension administrative decisions impacting counties.
  • Every year review the Memorandum of Agreement between counties and the University of Minnesota Extension and determine what the contract will provide the following year.
  • Provide input on educational program needs across the state.
  • Advise the AMC Board of Directors and Extension on the existence of the AMC Extension Liaison position and serve in an advisory capacity to the liaison.

The committee consists of one county commissioner from AMC Districts Iā??IX and three county commissioners from AMC District X. An alternate can be named for each committee member. Alternates are also invited to all meetings. The respective AMC District Director appoints members for a 3 year term.

The AMC Extension Liaison staffs the committee providing consultation on committee programming, notification and interaction with University administration.

The AMC Extension Committee meets four times a year determined annually by the group. Meetings have generally been coordinated with other statewide meetings (i.e. annual conference, legislative conference etc.) Meetings can be set at other times at the discretion of the group.

The group annual elects a chair and vice chair. The Extension Liaison serves as the secretary. The county of the commissioner pays mileage and lodging and AMC provides refreshments and meetings facilities.