Report Recipient & Health Care Provider Fraud

Wabasha County actively pursues and investigates suspected fraudulent activity. Receipt of benefits such as Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, Cash Assistance, Medical Assistance and Child Care Assistance may be based upon who is living in the home and the income and/or assets of all or some of the household residents.

If you have heard about or seen instances of potential fraud waste or abuse in our programs, we want to know. We will review your concerns quickly. You are not required to leave contact information but doing so allows investigators to contact you if more information is needed.

If a person intentionally gives false information or conceals facts about their situation in order to receive or increase their benefits, they may be subject to prosecution or administrative action. This could result in felony level charges, sentencing and disqualification from receiving more program benefits.

Recipient Fraud

For suspected fraud involving recipients of cash assistance, child care assistance, food support and health care call the Department of Human Services at 651-431-3968 or 1-800-627-9977  You may also call the Wabasha County Fraud Prevention Investigator at 651-564-0122.

Health Care Provider & Billing Fraud
Call toll-free 1-800-657-3750.

Find out more detailed information about reporting suspected fraud by visiting the Office of the Inspector General's Fraud Page.

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.